Here are links to equipment manufacturers whose products I currently use, have used and enjoyed, or intend to purchase at some point, sources of equipment and services, and other musicians I really admire. Though I do know some of them personally, I am not endorsed or otherwise compensated by any person or company for their inclusion on this list. I just honestly appreciate what they all do, and hope you will investigate what they have to offer, for yourself. This page is far from exhaustive, and I will be updating it periodically.


Longy School of Music of Bard College

Eastman School of Music


Van Laar Trumpets and Flugelhorns

Eclipse Trumpets

Yamaha Trumpets

Monette Mouthpieces

TorpedoBag Trumpet Cases

TrumCor Mutes

Dennis Najoom Mutes

Jürgen Voigt Mutes

Sheet Music/Publishing:

Hickey’s Music

Such Sweet Thunder, Inc.

Trumpet Players:

Frank Gabriel Campos

Clay Jenkins

Jouko Harjanne

Jonathan Powell

Richard Carson Steuart

Brian Pareschi

John Lake

Other Musicians:

Marc Schwartz

Will Cleary

Jonathan Parker

Reuben Allen